Welcome to Shady Oaks 1812

Come on up to the house!

Shady Oaks 1812 is a federal period home on the National Registry of Historic Places for her architectural importance to the region. She has some pretty fancy trim work inside that I hope you get to see someday. She was built by Robert Tynes Cheek, a prominent planter, businessman and public servant of Warrenton, and was the seat of a 3000 acre plantation pre-civil war. Shady Oaks stayed in the Cheek family being handed down through the generations to the last owner, Robert Cheek Twitty, Robert Cheek's grandson. Robert Twitty's sister, Mary Anne Twitty-Palmer, rented from her brother and lived in the house as a young adult, raiser her children and remained until her death in the late 1960s. I believe the true spirit of Shady Oaks comes from Mary Anne: warm, inviting, a bit of moxie, and loves to party. We have several photographs of Mary Anne that depict such a personality. Below is Mary as a young woman with her Devon cow at Shady Oaks. 

Shady Oaks was extensively restored to her original glory in the late 1980s and enjoys protective covenants through Preservation North Carolina to be sure that she is preserved through time.

Today Shady Oaks has gone from a 3000 acre plantation to a quaint, 14 acre, diverse, farm and our warm and loving home. We hope you get to visit someday and experience her charm.