Your Farmer

HI! I'm Megan. If you are visiting our site we may have already met. If not, I hope to meet you soon! Three years ago my husband Matt and I fulfilled a dream by returning to the east coast (our place of origin) from Seattle and purchasing a historic house and farm in the most lovely little town of Warrenton, NC. Some may say that Warrenton has seen better days. Maybe so. But we can assure you that Warrenton has never seen better PEOPLE. I have never felt more home in my life. My community inspires me everyday and I hope I can give back to them in a meaningful way. Shady Oaks 1812 is our commitment in living a purposeful, healthy life, full of the things that bring us joy and we want to inspire you to do the same. What we hold most dear is our connection to history, the land, our food and our community.