How & What We Grow

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It brings us great joy to farm our land. Healthy food is our number one priority to ensure our own health, but we love sharing our abundance with our community even more. It is a way we nourish ourselves inside and out. We make a great effort to take care of our land and work with nature instead of against it so it will continue to nourish us and our community for generations to come.

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Salad Vegetables


We grow our vegetables the old way. No chemicals. No synthetic pesticides. No tilling of the soil. We put back more than we take in the form of organic matter: compost and animal manures produced here on the farm. Our soil is rich and full of life and that equals nutritionally dense food with superior flavor.

We specialize in salad mixes and baby veg that is delicious raw so you can have easy to prepare, healthy meals that taste great throughout the season. We make sure to provide you with favorites such as: spring salad mix , lettuce mix, spinach, baby kale, arugula, baby carrots, radishes, salad turnips, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, scallions, fresh, herbs and summer squash.

You can buy our produce at the Warren County Farmer's Market or order them via our Farm Fresh Delivery.

Free Range Eggs


Our hens are literally free. As in no fence. Anywhere. They have the freedom to do what chickens do. We provide them with feed but to tell the truth, they prefer to forage on their own. Their diverse diet results in rich, buttery, dark orange yolks and thick, protein packed whites. They will cure what ails ya. 

In comparison to a conventionally raised egg, free range eggs contain:

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • 2/3 more Vitamin A
  • 2x more omega-3 fatty acids
  • 3x more Vitamin E
  • 7x more beta carotene
  • 4-6x more vitamin D
  • Higher folic acid levels
  • Measurable levels of vitamin C

We also believe our food should be beautiful so our flock of ladies are diverse in breed to allow for a rainbow of egg shell colors that delight the senses. Great to bring home AND give as gifts. 

You can buy our eggs at the Warren County Farmer's Market or order them via our Farm Fresh Delivery.