2019 Market Plan


Hello Shady Oaks 1812 Neighbors!

I’ve missed you all over this long, wet winter! I hope you have all been well and are excited for a beautiful Spring. You may have noticed that I have been a great big zero on the radar as far as posting updated to the Shady Oaks Journal over the fall and winter. The reason is (if you already haven’t heard).....

Matt and I are expecting a baby girl the end of June!! We are soooooo excited and blessed! So, needless to say, I’ve been a bit busy over the fall and winter season growing this petite bebe. Of course this creates a bit of a change in my farming plan this year. While I am healthy and feeling good…. Y’all, I’m TIRED, and it takes me three times as long to accomplish market garden tasks, tend to the animals and maintain our household. So, here is the plan for this season:

Do what I comfortably can and enjoy this short season in my life of rest and preparation for a whole new life come June.

I managed to plant a portion of the market garden to be able to provide a similar menu for the Spring season as I did last year: Salad mix, baby root veg and a few fun things such as sugar snaps and broccolini. At this point I’m done planting. I just can’t keep up with caring for current crops, harvesting and replanting. So, after these crops are finished I’m going to take a break until next year to settle into our new life as a parents. Come spring of 2020 we will be back online with more to offer than ever.


Pasture Raised Eggs

If you keep up with us on social media you will have seen that we have grown our chicken flock to meet the demand for our delicious, nutritious, and beautiful pastured eggs. We will of course continue to have these available throughout the season as chickens don’t stop laying on account of the farmer taking a break. We will have them at market, either through us or through another gracious vendor, and perhaps on farm via an honor system pick-up out of our walk-in cooler. We will keep you updated on where and when they are available.

We are VERY fortunate this year to be able to finally source high quality, LOCAL, feed for our chickens through Bender Farms in Afton. Jeff Bender grows NON-GMO feed for all types of livestock and our chickens love theirs in addition to the free choice of grass, bugs, worms and sunshine! I love that it is grown and milled 5 min from our farm! Starting to close the loop on Warren County food with this small step!


Warren County Farmer’s Market Opening Day

Opening day this year is Saturday 4/20 which marks the 10th Anniversary of the market! There will be lots of great events throughout this season to celebrate such an accomplishment. Shady Oaks will only have eggs available on opening day as the late, cool weather in March slowed down growth on our first crops a bit but we should have most things ready by the second and third weekends.

Market opens at 8am -12pm in the BB&T parking lot on the corners of N Bragg and Macon Streets.

Looking forward to seeing you there!