Farm Fresh Delivery

To make our fresh & delicious food more conveniently accessible to you, we offer online ordering and home delivery of our products in the Warren County Area.

We will be featuring other produce form Warren County Farmers too!!

 That's right. Fresh, local food delivered straight to your front door. Or side door if you prefer... For FREE.


How It Works

1. Sign up 

Sign up to receive our weekly email of available products and access tour web store to order for delivery. By signing up you are under no obligation to buy. 

Zip codes we deliver to:

27589, 27551, 27536, 27563, 27586, 27858, 27537

2. Receive the Farmer Fresh Sheet

Each Monday AM we email a Fresh Sheet with the available products for the week's harvest from our farm as well as from our local partner farmers. 

3. Order

Your Fresh Sheet will provide a link to access our online market and place your order. Orders must be placed by Tuesday 5 PM for Thursday's delivery.

4. Harvest

We harvest fresh for your order and receive our partner farmer's fresh harvests & prepare your order for delivery.

5. Delivery

We deliver your freshly harvested produce straight to your door so you and your family can enjoy the BEST FOOD possible. Easily.