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Nourish Yourself  | Nourish Your Family | Nourish Your Community


We know you want the best health for you and your family.

We want that too.

Our food choices are the number one thing we can do to ensure that.

The best foods are grown by someone you know, are fresh, and are grown  & raised with care without pesticides, chemicals and anything else invented in a science lab.


We grow the foods you eat most:

Organically grown salad ingredients and fresh free-range eggs that you can eat with every meal and are easy to prepare.

Now you can get the freshest, most delicious food to nourish you and your family’s bodies  consistently through a local source. 

Come and meet your farmer at the Farmer's Market, try our products and get to know us.

Get more of the BEST FOOD into your life.

Home Delivery

Want more fresh and local food in your life but find it hard to get to the Farmer's Market  or your favorite road side stand?

We have you covered.

Along with our own products, Shady Oaks 1812 partners with other local Warren County farmers to offer you a broad seasonal produce menu of products that are delivered right to your door. 

Fresh. Local. Easy

Get Away From It All

Treat yourself to something extra special and come stay with us in our 200+ year old historic federal farmhouse that is the anchor and soul of the 14 acre farm that surrounds her. Learn first hand about our farming methods.

Let us help nourish you, your family and our community.

Farming for you,

XOXO Megan